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Game design has been my passion for as long as I can remember. As a child, I would always change rules to my favorite board games to create stronger connections between players. I continued game design as a hobby as I pursued my undergraduate degree in Accounting from Northeastern University and two years working at a big four accounting firm. I sought out my dream full-time, beginning with my Master's Degree in the Game Science and Design program at Northeastern University. Read a feature written by Northeastern University highlighting me and my thesis project studying the cognitive differences between digital and physical board games here. 

I completed my degree in May 2019, and I am now pursuing a full-time career in board game design in Denver. I believe I can enact the most positive change in the world through intentional game design. Games and play in general are used throughout the animal kingdom as educational and developmental tools. There is so much social, mental, emotional, and physical good to be gained from games, and I know I can contribute a lot to the field.


I was born and raised in the Boston area and now reside in Denver, Colorado with my beautiful girlfriend Kelsie and our black lab Bella. When I'm not brainstorming my next game, I am enjoying the beauty Colorado has to offer and pouring great beers at a local brewery. 

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