I am a Boston area native who studies and designs games.  I have always loved game design, however up until a couple years ago I mainly engaged in this space as a hobby. After completing my undergraduate degree in Accounting (with a minor in game design) from Northeastern University and spending two years working at a big four accounting firm, I sought out my true passion: designing board games.


Ever since I can remember I have changed the rules to my favorite board games to alter the gameplay experience and create a social and physical connection between players. For this reason, pursued a Master’s degree in the Game Science and Design program at Northeastern University, with a research and development focus. I graduated in May 2019 and am now seeking career opportunities in Denver, Colorado. Read an article written about me and my thesis project here.


In my "spare" time, I am developing my first commercial board game, Urgency, which you can find more information about here

I have worked on a variety of other projects and developed many prototypes for games throughout my undergraduate and graduate curricula, which you can find more about here.

I attend game design and development events in the Boston area throughout the year.  If you want to track me through 2018 you can do so on my Events page, here.


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