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Urgency FAQs


Rule Card Order of Actions

  • Recency Rule: If two rule cards are triggered in succession that contradict each other, the rule card that was triggered more recently takes precedence and negates the first rule card.

    • For example, let’s say your Ibex rule card Su-en’s Boon is triggered by your opponent rolling a 4 which allows you to treat your next roll as a 4, but then your opponent uses the Eagle rule card Ultimate Sacrifice to make your next roll a 0. Since Ultimate Sacrifice was triggered second, it takes precedence over Su-en’s Boon meaning your next roll is a 0.

  • Simultaneous Rule: If two cards are triggered at exactly the same time, then the player whose turn it is can choose the order of the actions. Exception: any “roll again” action must be enacted last.



  • Moving an opponent token is not considered an attack.

  • Whenever you are moving a token, yours or the opponent's, it must be moved to a tile (1-14) on the board (exception: when you are scoring your own token). Tokens cannot be moved back off of the beginning of the board.

  • If the opponent moves one of your tokens onto a Rosette during their turn, you do not "save" a roll again for your turn. You will start your next turn normally.

  • If one of your tokens lands on a Rosette then you take an action that moves that token off the Rosette, you may not use the roll again from the Rosette.

  • You cannot score the opponent's tokens for them.



  • Eagle Deck: Each turn, you can choose to roll to move a token normally OR trigger one of your rule cards. If you are able to roll again, you can make the same choice.

  • Tortoise Deck: As long as you have at least one of the Tortoise cards in-play, you must roll with 3 dice. If you have another card in-play that specifies that you roll 4 dice (e.g. Kebar’s Luck), then you will roll 4 dice for only that card’s action.

  • Lizard Deck: Each turn, you can choose to roll to move a token normally OR declare out loud that you are enacting one of your cards then roll dice to determine which action to take on your card (i.e. if you roll a 3, you take the action next to the “1, 3” in the table on the card). These rolls cannot be modified by other cards.



  • Safe: If a token occupies a safe tile, it cannot be landed on. Attacks on tokens occupying safe tiles do not remove them from the board. Tokens can be moved from safe tiles.

  • In-Play: In-play tokens are tokens on the board. In-play cards are face-up cards that either player has selected and played.

  • Tile: Neither the scoring space ("space" 15 on the Board Flow), nor the beginning of the board ("space" 0) count as tiles. This also means, those "spaces" do not count as empty tiles.


Rule Card Clarifications and Interactions

Ibex Deck

  • Anepada's Throne

    • w/ Steady Ascension - you can still roll again if you land on the Throne.

    • w/ Amar-Sin’s Reign - you are still safe on Throne.

    • w/ Loss of Faith - Ibex can still roll again after landing on the Throne.

    • w/ Puzur's Promotion - Throne does not count as Rosette.

  • Ibbi-Sin's Prison 

    • Lion’s tokens can be moved off the safe tile with a rule card. The opponent token under the Lion’s tokens cannot move or be moved by any means.

    • A Lion token landing on a token on the Black Rosette still enables Lion to roll again and be safe from all attacks.

    • w/ Amar-Sins Reign - if a Lion token is stacked on a Bull token on the Black Rosette, the Bull player cannot basic attack the Lion token because it cannot stack tokens on itself. The Bull player can still special attack that Lion token though.

    • w/ Mud Bricks - since the Tortoise player can stack on its own tokens, it can basic attack the Lion token imprisoning another of its tokens as long as the Lion token isn't safe.

  • Su-ens Boon:

    • w/ Iron Shield - if the Tortoise player chooses to treat their roll as a 3, Suen's Boon is not triggered.

  • Steady Ascension:​

    • When you roll again during a turn, you may decide to use Steady Ascension each time.​


Tortoise Deck

  • Indus Trade:

    • If you move a token from your first 4 tiles and leap over an opponent token on the center row (e.g. the Throne), Indus Trade is triggered.

  • Meskalas Helm:

    • Putting new tokens onto the board does not trigger Meskala’s Helm.

    • w/ Iron Shield - if your tokens' tiles are all safe tiles with Iron Shield, moving any of them counts as triggering Meskalas Helm and therefore roll again.

  • Akalas Venture:

    • w/ Shar-Kali's Prey - if Eagle adds a new token for Tortoise, Tortoise cannot double that movement with Akala’s Venture.

  • Mud Bricks:​

    • The tile under the stacked tokens is only safe for the player with Mud Bricks, not both players.​


Bull Deck

  • Amar-Sins Reign:

    • The opponent can still roll again by landing on the Black Rosette.

  • Battle Axe:

    • w/ Immortal Son - Even if the opponent puts the token back on the board with Immortal Son, Battle Axe is triggered.

  • War Chariot:

    • All Bull attacks have attacking tokens. Cards that don’t have attacking tokens: Imdugud’s Conquest, Kebar's Chance, Siege Attack (actions 1,3 and 4), Settling the Score (action 2), and Sacrificial Ritual.


Lion Deck

  • Immortal Son:

    • You put the token back on the board immediately after it is removed unless another card is triggered at the same time, in which case the Simultaneous Rule takes effect.

  • Shulgi's Wall:

    • "Land" means any movement that makes a token end up on an Eye.

    • Lion can still move opponent’s tokens onto an Eye with cards like Gamblers Risk.

  • Loss of Faith:​

    • When the opponent lands on the Black Rosette, they do not roll again because they have to occupy the tile before they can roll again.​


Eagle Deck

  • Shar-Kali's Prey:

    • If you move your token onto the Black Rosette, you may roll again.

  • Inana Reborn:

    • Roll again here means that you may now take a roll even if you haven't rolled yet this turn. You may still choose to trigger a rule card instead of rolling.

  • Ur's Revival:

    • If you move a token back 2 spaces onto a Rosette, as long as you move a different token twice the amount of the new roll, you can roll again. If you move the same token that originally landed on a Rosette, it would have to land on another Rosette in order for you to roll again.

  • Ultimate Sacrifice and Wild Lizard (action 1,3)

    • w/ Giras Gaze - if Lion occupied two Eyes, it may still move 1 on its turn.

    • w/ Bow and Arrow - Bow and Arrow is triggered by both of these rule cards.

    • w/ Iron shield - Iron Shield is triggered by both of these rule cards.

    • w/ The Wheel - Ibex can still move 1 space if The Wheel is in-play.

    • w/ Steady Ascension - Ibex can trigger Steady Ascension, which via the Recency Rule can still move 2 spaces.

    • w/ Suen's Boon - if Eagle rolled a 0 or 4 on its turn, this card is not triggered due to the Recency Rule.


Lizard Deck​

  • Balulu’s Agility (action 1,3) and Ensi’s Control (action 1,3)

    • The amount rolled is whatever you rolled with your dice, either 1 or 3.

  • Bala’s Chance (action 2)

    • The opponent must roll normally and move normally, as if they have no rule cards in-play.

Rosette Deck

  • Sargon's Swap

    • You may swap one of your cards with the opponent's Rosette card. You may also swap Sargon's Swap with the opponent, who can then use Sargon's Swap when they score.​

  • Kebar's Luck​

    • This is not affected by roll modifiers. You must roll 4 dice if you declare you are using Kebar's Luck.​

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