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Urgency Variants


If you're looking to shake up your Urgency experience or play in a different way, try out some of the game variants below!


Play Urgency without rule cards, and play normally. First to 7, instead of 6, wins.


Both players play with the Ibex and Bull decks and look at all of the cards in your deck before setting up the game. Sit on the same side of the table (so you can read all cards easily).


Shuffle and split all non-rosette rule cards into 2 piles. Players select 1 card from their pile, then pass to opponent. Keep going until they have 6 cards, then set up normally. 16 of Alex's pre-made draft decks are here.


Players still make 3 piles of 2 cards, but before the game they flip over the first pile and select one. The rest of the cards are unlocked normally. First player to 5 (instead of 6) wins.

Set in Stone

Instead of making 3 piles of 2 cards, you select 3 cards from your deck and the order in which they will be added to the game (and discard the rest). Your 4th is selected from your discard pile when your opponent scores the 4th time.

Full Force

Select 4 cards from your deck to have in play from the beginning of the game. You do not unlock other cards.


When your opponent scores, you still select a new rule card from your next rule card pile. However, instead of discarding the other card into YOUR discard pile, you discard it into your OPPONENT'S discard pile. (When your opponent scores for the 4th time, if you haven't scored yet, you will not select a new rule card).


Take a sip of an adult beverage when:

  • You roll a 0

  • The opponent rolls a 4

  • The opponent removes one of your tokens

  • Either player scores

  • Whenever you want, you're an adult

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